America Now Staring Down a New National Security Threat

On the watch of the Biden administration, America has faced various crises. Whether it’s the horrible pullout from Afghanistan, inflation, the collapse of multiple banks, or another matter entirely, it’s pretty safe to say that our nation isn’t doing very well at this time.

We’ve all been forced to deal with supply deficits, shortages in available workers, and more. At this rate, many Americans are holding their breath while waiting for the next pin to drop.

Unfortunately, it looks like that’s already happened. According to New York Post, the latest national security threat facing the United States pertains to a lack of necessary pharmaceuticals.

Congress Spills the Beans in New Report

Information from the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee reveals an ongoing rise of shortages in ADHD medicine, antibiotics, and medicine for kids.

This poses a threat to national security because of the domino effect created by not having these pharmaceuticals in abundance. As a result of the shortages, hospitals are forced to deal with higher wait times and greater costs. Likewise, the quality of patient care has also declined.

As these shortages continue, patients are having to receive alternate forms of medication. They’re also at a higher risk of something going wrong with the alternate medications provided since they can’t get the pharmaceuticals they truly need.

What’s Driving This Shortage?

The latest report from Congress reveals that supply chain issues, economic challenges, and America’s reliance on overseas sources for pharmaceuticals are each playing a role in shortages.

Currently, the United States is at least partially reliant on China for some of these pharmaceuticals, which doesn’t put us in the best position.

China is no friend or ally of the United States. Furthermore, our country’s relationship with the communist regime has further declined just during this year alone.

Now, it remains to be seen how long this all drags on.