A Serious Crisis Ahead For Hunter Biden and His Dad

Hunter Biden has garnered a lot of attention in recent weeks.

The mainstream media eventually decided to broadcast the truth about America’s most troubled first son’s unethical behavior; they are now revealing what the majority of Americans have known since October 2020.

Hunter Biden is a crooked individual who used his illustrious surname to sell political access in the United States to wealthy foreigners from nations that are hostile to the United States. 

Blatant Corruption

This is a five-alarm conflagration of government corruption. Americans ought to know the extent to which Joe Biden was aware of his son’s conduct.

Joe Biden once regarded Hunter as the “smartest man” he knew. Given the media frenzy that has descended on his doorstep today, he may be reconsidering that position. 

This current round of coverage comes after leftist media outlets spent so much time preparing to batten down the hatches in a planned attempt to shield the Biden family name from the severe examination.

Corporations such as CNN and Twitter reacted swiftly, casting doubt on the Post’s reporting, de-platforming the source from social media in an audacious act of censorship, and ultimately referring to the genuine crisis as “misinformation.”

The findings on the laptop, which the New York Times has now certified as genuine, were just as troubling then as they are now.

For one thing, emails revealed that CEFC—a Chinese energy firm with ties to communist ruler Xi Jinping and the Chinese military—paid Hunter and his friends millions of dollars to expand their presence in America. 

How Deep It Went

To explain what that implies: Chinese communist oligarchs, collaborating with the president’s son to establish an outpost for the CCP on American territory, worked for a totalitarian ruler hell-bent on destroying the United States.

Is it really worthwhile to speculate how the media might respond if this were one of President Trump’s children?

This has repercussions for more than just Hunter. Joe Biden is also a part of this.

In 2017, CEFC and Hunter Biden formed a joint venture with an unusual condition: “10 percent” of the profits would be “kept [by Hunter] for the big guy.”

Tony Bobulinski, a former Hunter Biden colleague, confirmed the large guy’s identity on the record. Need a hint?

His approval numbers are plummeting to 40% or below; he spends more time on holiday in Delaware than he does problem-solving and he is the reason you are spending more to fill up your car than ever before.

Joe Biden has cause to be aware of Hunter’s pay-for-play methods. He was mentioned in the CEFC agreement, but he also maintained a bank account with Hunter Biden for years, even while Hunter spun and traded with dictatorships in other countries.

Joe Biden and Hunter Biden even paid one another’s bills, and Joe owed money to Hunter.

President Biden’s catastrophic economic incompetence makes more sense when you remember he owed money to a man who admitted to smoking parmesan cheese after running out of crack cocaine.

CNN, which initially defended the Bidens, revealed a federal investigation into Hunter’s money is “heating up,” while other publications speculated Joe Biden may be targeted.

Perhaps this is why the media’s tone has shifted. However, this is a case of too little, too late. While liberal media sources routinely go to great lengths to protect Democrats, this is a particularly damaging blow to their reputation.

While sharing a checking account with the former vice president and future president, Joe Biden’s son leveraged his father’s power to make money with tyrants. 

The media remained silent. Prosecutors at the federal level may take a different approach.