Legislation By Rep. Ashley Hinson Protects Pregnant Students’ Privilege

Ashley Hinson, a member of the House of Representatives, recently sponsored legislation to safeguard the rights of pregnant students on university campuses.

According to the Iowa Republican, “we want to make sure that we’re actually enabling pregnant women in college to choose their own destiny.”

“They are not required to give up their education in order to do so.”

Details of the Bill

The Pregnant Students’ Rights Bill will change a part of the Higher Education Act of 1965 so schools and universities would have to tell pregnant students about their rights and resources, like safety and accommodations.

These accommodations, according to Hinson, would include “things like being able to change a school schedule or being allowed absence to be able to go to the doctor,” among other things.

“So they’ll have the freedom to know they are not going to have to forsake their education,” she explained, “and then they can operate around it.”

The bill, according to Hinson, would also require colleges and institutions to tell students if their Title IX rights are infringed, they have the right to file a complaint with the Education Department.

“Essentially, what we want is for there to be responsibility. In order for students to finish their education and achieve their objectives, we want to make certain they have all of the alternatives and flexibility they require,” Hinson added.

“We want young parents to be encouraged as they go to school while still taking care of their kids, and we want them to know about every option they have.”

Hinson stated obtaining a higher education may be a difficult task in and of itself, and an unanticipated pregnancy can make it seem impossible for some women to achieve their goals.

Pro-life and Supporting Women

According to Hinson, “some women feel forced, you know, to terminate their pregnancy or face academic failure.”

In some cases, people don’t know about the resources that are available to them because of the way they are living.

During a question and answer session on the bill’s chances, including if it would have any support from Democrats in a House presently under their control, Hinson expressed hope that the effort would be bipartisan.

“We all have the same purpose here, which is to encourage women to continue their education,” she remarked.

“We want individuals to finish their studies,” said the organization.

“In addition, we want individuals to be able to have a fulfilling job, and this bill ensures all women who get pregnant have the opportunity to pursue those goals.”

The bill has the backing of a number of notable anti-abortion organizations, such as Susan B. Anthony List, Students for Life Action, and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, among others.

Hinson explained the goal of the bill is to relieve pressure on women to have abortions, “but it’s also about standing up for the future lives of these people.”

“They will have the chance to complete their education, which will open the door to many, many wonderful options for them in the future,” she added.

“That’s truly what this is all about. What it comes down to is helping women and supporting newborns, which I consider being really pro-life.”