BLM-Backed Group Bails Out Radical Accused of Trying to Kill a Mayoral Candidate

Quintez Brown, a Louisville, Kentucky activist charged with attempting to assassinate a mayoral candidate with gunshots, has been freed from the county jail on bond.

WHAS11 reported the Louisville Community Bail Fund, an organization associated with the Louisville branch of Black Lives Matter, posted the $100,000 bond Wednesday afternoon. 

Brown, 21, pleaded not guilty to four charges of wanton endangerment and attempted homicide. 

According to his attorneys, Brown will be held at home while awaiting trial. His attorneys are requesting a mental health examination as well.

Details of the Incident

Brown, a former Courier-Journal intern turned editorial columnist, is suspected of attempting to kill Democrat candidate for mayor Craig Greenberg with a 9 mm Glock pistol. This happened Monday night at his Butchertown office before running, per a police report. 

According to Louisville Metro Police, no one was hurt, but a bullet brushed Greenberg’s shirt. Brown was captured just ten minutes after the incident and about a half-mile from the workplace, according to police.

Greenberg reported the incident in detail during a Monday press conference.

According to the Courier-Journal, Brown’s lawyer, Rob Eggert, refers to the event as a “mental health matter.”

Chanelle Helm, the director of the Louisville BLM branch and co-founder of the Louisville bail group, shares this stance. Helm characterized the legal system as replete with corruption.

“They are demanding that this guy, this young man in need of care and assistance, be punished to the fullest degree possible,” Helm told WHAS11. “It sends a clear statement that people are fed up with the cruelty that has occurred in our jails and prisons.”

His Character

While Greenberg concentrated his campaign on resolving the city’s violent crime issue and promising to employ additional police officers, Brown has written essays on racism and law enforcement.

In recent months, Brown also declared his candidacy for a seat on the Louisville Metro Council.

As per WAVE3, the Louisville Community Bail Fund was previously criticized for its vetting procedure. This happened after them bailing out Andrew Clayton, a man convicted in a double shooting, for $30,000 in 2020. 

According to court documents, Judge McKay Chauvin confiscated the group’s bail money. This came once Clayton violated his release conditions by sharing photographs of narcotics and cash on social media.

“Posting someone’s bond without learning anything about them, without seeing who they’re going to be living with, or without having any perspective into how they’re going to behave while on the bond is risky,” Chauvin stated at the time.

In the Brown matter, Metro Council President David James also expresses reservations about the actions of the local organization. “They will be held accountable for anything he may or may not do to anyone,” he stated in the WHAS11 broadcast.